Sprinkler Repair

Sprinkler Repair

A beautiful landscape is dependent upon the proper installation and maintenance of not only the plant life but the system providing the necessary water. 

Strong Landscape and construction has been repairing automated sprinkler systems for 8 years, greatly improving the elegance and performance of landscapes.  We are familiar with all brands and types of irrigation applicators including broadcast, drip and micro irrigation.

It is our belief that a sprinkler system should be efficient, uniform, convenient and most of all reliable, instilling confidence and freedom to all of our customers.

Are you looking for an irrigation/sprinkler system repairs? Is your clock not working correctly? Perhaps you have a broken sprinkler head? Are you not satisfied with your irrigation/sprinkler system and how it works for you?

Let us take a look. Strong Landscape specializes in the installation, maintenance and repair of watering systems. A monthly checkup is recommended to make sure all sprinkler heads are spraying correctly and to make sure there are no line breaks, causing uneven watering. We can fix any problems you may have with your sprinkler system.

We are a Rain Bird and Hunter contractor and have been for several years and many years to come. We know the importance of maximizing the potential of your landscape while saving you on costly water bills.

We service Drip Systems, Hose Timers and Automatic Sprinkler Systems. Drip Systems are commonly used for planting or garden beds and also conserve moisture for a small amount is lost to evaporation. Hose Timers help when water with a hose or sprinkler. Attachment can be set for the desired watering time and then atomically shut off. And Automatic Sprinkler Systems are most commonly used. This makes watering easier to keep up with. Once a sprinkler system is programmed, they handle all of your watering needs; however an occasional adjustment is needed for different seasonal changes.

Water is essential to life and it's the largest ingredient of almost every plant growing around your property. Make sure your sprinkler system is in good condition.

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