Snow Removal

Snow Removal

When winter arrives in Utah, we understand the importance in getting the job done. To avoid walking in feet of snow and driving in unsafe conditions, we at Strong Landscape care. We provide Salt Lake City Utah, snow removal service to both home owner associations, townhomes, condominiums, apartment complexes and commercial buildings, removing snow from lots, drive ways, sidewalks, streets, etc... keeping you free of ice and snow.

After the snow has accumulated more than one inch, we dispatch our crew to remove snow right away day or night. If snow should continuously fall, we will continue to come back to the property and remove the snow.

Snow removal is charged at an hourly rate. You may contact Strong Landscape for an estimate based off of past years experience and statistical data of years to come, providing you with a snow removal estimate. Our GPS tracking system on our trucks, allow us to clock in and out of the job, from the time we arrive to the time we leave. This also allows you to know how often we travel back and forth throughout the day. So that you know exactly the time and effort Strong Landscape has put into your property, keeping you safe and worry-free.

Strong Landscape will provide salt coating upon request. Perhaps you only want your sidewalks and walk ways salted, we also accommodate to special requests from our customers. Salt is a separate fee if you choose to have this service added, also offering flat per time rates.

We operate some of the strongest equipment out there with licensed professionals, providing liability and efficacy to our customers. A staff you can count on.

Choose Strong Landscape for your snow removal needs.

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