Welcome to Strong Landscape

Welcome to Strong Landscape

Specializing in Salt Lake City Utah lawn care, landscape, sprinkler repairs, creative landscaping design, retaining walls, water features, rock selections, fertilization, snow removal and much more! We service both residential and commercial properties, providing you professional, quality, appealing service, with the intention to bring out the best features of your home or business property.

Our customers count on us for creativity, integrity and prompt service in a timely manner. We take time to educate our customers so you know exactly what you're getting and how it will benefit your landscaping or irrigation/sprinkler system project. Our certified landscaping technicians are very informative and will explain different options for trees, shrubs, flowers, retaining walls; water features etc... that will best suit your home or business needs.

We provide an exceptional 1 year warranty, which includes parts and labor. If it comes from an improper installation or defective part, we will come out and replace it with no additional labor fees.

If a plant, tree, bush, or flower should die from the nursery within 30-90 days; this is usually caused by home defect or negligence of over or under watering, which is not covered with our warranty. However after installation, you may contact us and speak to a certified landscaping technician for advise as to what may be the cause of a defective tree, brush or flower and what can be done for improvement.

If your rock wall should fall, you are covered as well, unless Mother Nature related snow, rain, or major disaster occurs.

You will find many useful tips and suggestions and informative information pertaining to Salt Lake City Utah lawn care, landscape and creative landscaping projects. Check out our "Questions" page to get your commonly asked questions answered.

Our Custom Design Gallery, demonstrates landscaping projects we have done in the past for our customers, giving you a visual effect of what's possible for your home or business appearance.

Snow Removal Irrigation Custom Landscape Design Sprinkler Repair

Perhaps you are in the market of shopping around looking for the best Salt Lake City lawn care and landscaping company to go with. Fill out our "Free Quote" form and we will get back to you with a free estimate. Take a look at our "Services" page to obtain further information.

Should you have any comments about our services or website, please feel free to "Contact Us" using our form and let us know how we can better serve you.

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We accept all major credit cards, such as; Visa, Master Card, Discover Card, and American Express.

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"After contracting Strong Landscape for my landscape design, I felt fulfilled. They did an excellent job on my water fountain and the lighting to accent different features of my yard. I would recommend Strong Landscape to anyone."

Sincerely, Tom Morgan