Water Features

Water Features

One of the most environmentally friendly and simplistic ways of beautifying a landscape, is by adding a water feature.  Strong Landscape can bring out the personality and elegance of any project by easily placing one of these breath taking additions to it. 

We cater to all types of water garden enthusiasts, from those who prefer a living koi pond ecosystem or a safe and low maintenance pond free waterfall.

Do you love the sound of running water? Do you like the way water fountains, waterfalls, and garden ponds look? Perhaps you may want to consider installing a water feature of your own. It never fails to have a touch of elegance, serenity and romance to gardens. This feature also provides more of a mountain setting, such as a running river or stream or even a water fall. Water features are one of the most popular requests today, providing a soothing sound to relax to. This is ideal if you want to make the most out of their beauty and they're certainly worth drawing attention to.

Most landscaping plans include water fountains, which are generally located in the center or any other prominent area. Some water fountains tend to be smaller and have simpler effects. However greater heights for water fountains naturally create more special effects.

Another option is a waterfall, which is generally located at the side or corner of a garden. Reason being, waterfalls, unlike fountains, require strong walls as a foundation before they can operate. Different rock styles and formations are commonly used as a foundation for a waterfall, providing more to the natural look.

Last but not least are Garden Ponds, which is essential either for water fountains and waterfalls in your garden. There are different options of garden ponds, either above or below ground level. However underground depths are more natural but can be more expensive and difficult to install. In some cases, people prefer to build walls wide enough for people to sit on and maybe get their feet wet, creating a more social environment.

Water Features

If water features captures your attention, call and one of our creative architect designers can help with ideas and suggestions for your new water design. We will lay it all out in a colored blue print demonstrating exactly what your new water feature design would look like.

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