Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls

Strong Landscape has been creating solid solutions for retaining walls of all kind. Retaining walls come in all sorts of designs, colors, textures, levels etc... Retaining walls can be used in several different purposes, such as elevated flower bed or garden box, leveling a steep slope on your property, defining property boundaries or enclose an area for a decorative garden, a retaining wall might be exactly what your landscape needs, which gives a nice clean look to emphasis particular features of your landscape design.

Do you have a slopping yard? We know that it can be tough to do much with a slopped yard. Perhaps you're thinking to install a pool, patio, garden sheds or even a kids? playing area; we know having a level ground is required. A solution to a slopped yard may be retaining walls, which can turn your unusable back yard into a safe, level area that you can actually use.

A beautifully landscaped area that is easy to maintain can be created with little effort. There are retaining walls that are specially designed for this purpose. The finished product may look complicated however the project is quite simple, requiring only your basic tools.

Retaining walls can be made from many kinds of materials, textures, old railway ties, natural stone, concrete ranging from different sizes and designs. The interlocking bricks produce a solid wall that resists any pressure from the dirt behind them and gives the wall and attractive "stepped back" appearance. Pre-cast concrete "stones" are a great option, an added advantage is the stones are often cast with a taper from the front to the back, so building curved walls is much easier than when working with straight materials.

Retaining walls are great to prevent drainage issues and to keep your property in good standing.

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